Courtney Alexander



Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot is a deck created by multi-media artist Courtney Alexander. The cards feature 78 mixed media collage paintings accented with gold and spot gloss featuring cultural myths, symbolism, history and icons within the Black Diaspora. The 206 page hard-covered guidebook features multiple keyword lists (numerological, elemental and astrological) and full color images of the artwork with unique titles and art descriptions. Each card has been carefully researched with nearly 75 resources cited, providing a wealth of educational material. Courtney Alexander brings in an entirely new experience to tarot through her powerful imagery, created in honor of Blackness and the complexities in which it exists.

“This work was created to honor my Black heritage. This work is my homage to the Black matriarchs and leaders of our community. This work is a love offering to the Black LGBTQIA+ community whose voices and identities are vastly underrepresented. This work is a tool for every person within the African diaspora to feel a connection to, without prejudice. Most of all, this work was created to heal and elevate the least protected among us, so that we all can evolve to our best and highest expression. This is not exclusion or discrimination; this work was created in spite of exclusion and discrimination…

I sincerely pray that those who come into contact with my work be changed in profound ways. I pray that you grow, love stronger, broaden your perspectives, and expand your spirits so that we all can move towards elevating our collective conscious. I also pray that you will be inspired to explore your own cosmology, to tap into the secrets encoded within, and to recover what you have lost in the chaos of this existence. Most of all, I pray that you receive the love and support you need to become your authentic and divine self.”